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Author Guidelines

Instructions for Presentations

A. Instructions for Oral Presentations

The duration of the presentations (including discussion) is limited to:

  • 30 minutes for plenary lectures (no discussion)
  • 30 minutes for invited lectures (about 25 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion)
  • 15 minutes for oral contributions (about 12 minutes talk + 3 minutes discussion)

Speakers should arrive at their allocated session at least 10 minutes before the start of the first presentation in order to meet with the chairperson(s).

We insist that speakers keep to their presentation times given.
Respecting the timeframe will assure a timely running of all sessions.
Designated discussion times are for discussion, not for extra minutes of a talk.

We kindly ask all speakers to obey the instructions below prior to the symposium. This will guarantee a properly running symposium:

  1. Create a new folder.
    Name the folder with the session number and the surname of the speaker (e.g. “S1_Miller”; for invited lectures: lecture number and name "IL1_Miller"; for plenary lectures: lecture number and name “PL1_Miller”).
  2. Save your PowerPoint-presentation into this folder.
    If your presentation contains hyperlinks to other files (e.g. videos, pictures) don’t forget to copy these files into the same folder!
  3. Start PowerPoint and open your presentation from this folder.
  4. Save your presentation additionally as ‘Power-Point – Pack & Go Presentation:
    From the PowerPoint main menu select File, then select Save as. A window opens where you can select the file type: ‘PowerPoint – Pack & Go Presentation’. Make sure that the filename is still the same. Save it. Afterwards you should find two files with the same name but different extensions: filename.pps and filename.ppt.
  5. Use a standard USB storage device and save the complete folder to your storage device.
  6. To avoid any unexpected complication, please also provide your presentation in PDF format!

The conference rooms are equipped with laptop computers (PC and Mac) running latest software.

Uploading your lecture file

Oral presentations should be brought to the lecture room, in which the presentation will take place on a USB stick for uploading onto the symposium computers. We strongly encourage you not to use your own computer.
All participants should bring their USB stick at least 30 minutes before the beginning of their session. Staff will be available to help with the computers.
Immediately after your session, your file will be deleted from the symposium computer.

Some days before the ISP 2012, we will send to all speakers an invitation and instructions to upload their files to an EPFL server. We strongly encourage all speakers to use this confortable opportunity, which will provide you more freedom during the symposium.

B. Instructions for Poster Presentations

1. Size and Format of the Posters

Posters of "Portrait" format should be prepared, maximum size A0; no larger than 1189 mm high and 841 mm wide (46.81 inches high and 33.11 inches wide).


2. Poster presentation

Posters can be set up from July 9 to July 12, and should be up from July 10 to July 12.

To each poster a code and the submission ID number are allocated in the poster program of the ISP 2012 Symposium Book. The same code and ID will mark your poster board. Fix your poster only on this board. Pins to hang your poster will be provided. If you need help, ask at the Registration Desk.

Two poster sessions are planned, for which the presence of the presenters is requested.

- Poster Session 1 on Tuesday July 10 from 16:00 to 17:00 (even numbers)

- Poster Session 2 on Wednesday July 11 from 16 :00 to 17 :00 (odd numbers)

Authors of the posters labelled with even code numbers (not ID numbers) are kindly asked to stand by the poster during Session 1 on Tuesday.

Authors of the posters labelled with odd code numbers (not ID numbers) are kindly asked to stand by their posters during Session 2 on Wednesday.

Spontaneous visits and discussions in the poster area during all breaks are welcome.