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Two half-day Microsymposia will be organized. These Microsymposia will invite contributions on novel issues related to “Ionic Polysaccharides” and “Polyelectrolytes in Fragrances, Flavors and Food” with the intention to strengthen interactions between academia and industrial applied research and between “classic” polyelectrolyte scientists, food, fragrance and flavour scientists, biomaterials scientists, glycobiologists, simply the whole community interested in polyelectrolytes.

Microsymposium “Ionic Polysaccharides”

Ionic polysaccharides/polysaccharide polyelectrolytes (PP) are important compounds and interesting for both industrial applications and academic research. This includes disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, materials science, food science, and nanotechnology. PP are harvested from various resources in nature. They exhibit a large number of reactive groups, which make them tunable for the formation of complexes and assemblies. In addition, many of them are biocompatible and easily degradable in the human body. PP mixtures are also used as carriers in protein and gene delivery for a number of different applications of therapeutic interest. Their outstanding properties have made them to the most widely used polyelectrolytes. This microsymposium will present novel research on PP in different fields.

Microsymposium "Polyelectrolytes in Fragrances, Flavors, Food and Pharmaceuticals"

Polyelectrolytes find applications in many industrial preparations in fragrances, flavours and food chemistry. They are used as thickeners, emulsifiers, conditioners, flocculants, and are regularly involved in the formation of new types of materials in particular to design novel nano- and micro-structures that provide desirable functional, physicochemical and sensory properties. For example, multilayered polyelectrolyte shells have extensive applications in the fragrance field for the prolonged release performance of perfume encapsulated in porous spheres. This microsymposium will present novel issues and emerging topics related to the use and application of polyelectrolytes in these domains.